Environmental Service Plans

Whatever type of medical facility you may have, Medi-Kleen, Inc. has a variety of plans and technology to suit your specific requirements.

First . . . . Our Team

In order to properly clean and sanitize a healthcare setting, your environmental services team needs specific training and knowledge, including:

*Understanding the Chain of Infection and the role they play in breaking the chain. For example, special attention to high touch surfaces.

*The proper and safe use of disinfectants and how they work.

*On-going training.

*OSHA Blood-borne Pathogen Standards.

*HIPAA understanding and compliance.

*Supervision and tracking the results of their efforts.

*All of our employees undergo a pre-hire background check, initial and on-going random drug testing. Every team member takes pride in knowing the work they do makes a difference and contributes to a positive patient outcome.

Our Service Plans

Nightly Service

*Our nightly service plan is all inclusive and encompasses all the services you would expect from a commercial janitorial service. It includes complete cleaning of your entire facility using a unique combination of conventional cleaning agents and disinfectants, and proven technology to decrease pathogen levels for optimal infection control.

*Because pathogens are becoming more resistant to disinfectants, we supplement our nightly plan with our Kleenjet 500 Vapor Steam unit, which utilizes high temperature steam vapor to kill pathogens. Because it is 96% steam and only 4% water content, it is suitable for most surfaces, such as exam tables, sinks, doorknobs, restrooms, etc.

*Additionally, we use UVC disinfection lights for sensitive surfaces that cannot be treated with liquid disinfectants or heat, such as diagnostic equipment, computer keyboards, telephones, etc. UVC light kills pathogens within seconds by destroying the cell wall lining. Pathogens cannot build a resistance to either vapor steam or radiation. This is not done nightly, but on a schedule designed to keep consistently low levels of pathogens in your facility.

*We provide you with our complete floor care package, including on-going cleaning and polishing. We use only high-quality floor finish to project a clean, professional appearance.

*We provide you with carpet care. We clean and sanitize your carpets on a regularly scheduled basis, with our low moisture Cimex soil encapsulation system to keep your carpets clean and fresh. This method has been proven to prolong the life of the carpets.

*Also included is on-going Quality Assurance Reports and CDC approved ATP test results sent to your site manager. ATP testing is being utilized increasingly in hospitals as a standard for on-going oversight of their infection control program. This documentation shows a very pro-active approach to this crucial aspect of your operation.

Specialty Services

Privacy Curtains

*Privacy curtains are seldom cleaned and usually have high levels of pathogens. Medi-Kleen can provide on-site privacy curtain sanitizing by using the following method.

*We apply UVC disinfection lighting, which is safe to use on delicate fabrics. This is followed with vapor steam cleaning and sanitizing with our Kleenjet 500VP steam unit, followed with HEPA vacuum extraction. The Exclusivel Totally Sealed Water Capture Technology collects all allergens and has a 99.99% kill rate.

*We will provide you with a complete service report and ATP test results for your records.

Supplemental Services

*One time or regularly scheduled, thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your facility, including all services listed above.

*If you are renovating your facility, or moving into a newly constructed one, Medi-Kleen can help. We have years of experience with detailed cleaning and sanitizing of new medical sites prior to your move in date. Upon completion, we will provide you with a report of services rendered and also ATP test results, insuring that your new facility not only looks its best, but has also been correctly cleaned and is safe to use. The result is a facility you can be proud of when you open.

Whatever your specific needs are, we would be happy to stop by at your convenience, and provide you with a free proposal. When you consider the variety and quality of services provided, coupled with the essential documentation that ATP testing provides, I'm sure you will agree . . .

Our fee is reasonable.
Our service exceptional!


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