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As you are aware, healthcare is undergoing a major paradigm shift with many changes towards quality improvement. Today it's more important than ever, that your facility not only look clean, but IS clean.

When you consider increased pathogen resistance, ie: MRSA, VRE, C-diff, it is crucial your environmental service team understand the proper methods, products and procedures needed to achieve optimal infection control. Numerous studies have been conducted on the role of environmental hygiene in a healthcare setting. In fact, Infection Control Magazine recently released a special report addressing the criticality of surface disinfection and environmental hygiene - a cornerstone of infection prevention and control.

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Accreditation and regulatory agencies are taking a much closer look at the environmental service aspect of every site, and are starting to require documentation of the environmental hygiene of medical settings. Meid-Kleen, Inc. provides CDC approved ATP testing. The test results are sent to your Site Manager to retain as documentation to regulatory and accreditation agencies.

Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of cleaning and sanitizing as it pertains to the unique requirements of a medical setting. No one does it better than Medi-Kleen, Inc. It's all we do. Every aspect of our program is designed to provide your patients with a clean, professional facility that they can use with confidence.

We invite you to explore our website to view the variety of services and plans we offer. You can rely on Medi-Kleen's 26 years of experience servicing the unique needs of the medical community. We are a member of the Association for the Healthcare Environment and ascribe to the practice guidelines as set forth by AHE and endorsed by the American Hospital Association.

Our fee is reasonable.
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Ed Kay, President
Medi-Kleen, Inc.


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